Medical Device Design Consulting

Speck Design is a top medical device design company and engineering company. We offer end-to-end design services for the development of medical products and have extensive experience researching, prototyping, designing, and bringing new medical devices to market. We also have expertise in reimagining existing medical devices for new or improved usage.
Medical Design Development Process
As a medical device product development and engineering company, we prioritize functional design that emphasizes intuitive creativity and calculated scientific decision-making. We’re committed to creating impactful products and medical devices that define their markets and industries and create new intellectual property. Our highly collaborative environment allows Speck’s designers and engineers to find innovative solutions that consider and define product form and function, usability, physical ergonomics, marketing, brand development, sustainability, and sales.
Our teams work to offer medical device design and development services, including industrial design, mechanical and electrical engineering, and setting up, running, and maintaining medical quality systems. Our approach is always human-centric, applying our human-centered design-thinking to the process to come up with creative, empathetic solutions in medical device design, product engineering, regulatory compliance, user research, and more. Throughout the last 25+ years, we have done design, engineering, and development across a vast set of medical devices and categories, including:

- Drug delivery devices
- Handheld surgical devices
- Patient monitoring devices
- Diagnostic medical devices
- Digital interface design for medical devices
- Medical device user research
- Home health care devices

As a top medical device design firm our work also includes life sciences projects such as product definition, technology roadmap discovery, future concept development, interface design, user research design, usability testing, engineering development and verification, design for CLIA certification, proof of concept prototyping, beta prototyping, ISO 13485 certified, FDA compliance, and intellectual property support.

"10% of Electrical Medical Devices Pass the Required Standards on the First Submission. Companies Speck  Assists' Success Rate is over 72%"