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Industrial Design company creates autonomous Driving
Plus Autonomous Truck
Revolutionize the trucking industry with Plus Autonomous Truck Driving - a state-of-the-art system for safe and efficient autonomous driving.
product design and development companies
Aquasana Water Filter
Purifying your drinking water with a high-performance filter that removes contaminants, impurities, and harmful substances for a healthier life.
Industrial design company’s innovative solar power installation shining under the sun
Amonix CPV System Redesign for Enhanced Sustainability
Redesign of CPV Solar System Targeting Greater Sustainability
medical product design engineering company creates yono ear piece
Yono Fertility Tracker
The revolutionary wearable device for women's health, offering advanced technology and intuitive design for accurate fertility tracking and family planning.
Product Design Company Speck Design Partners with Cytori
Cytori Therapeutics CT-X2
The future of cell therapy with the CT-X2 - the next-generation system designed to optimize efficiency, user experience, and market access for Cytori's diverse commercial regions.
Cisco Interactive Product Display
A stunning display of advanced technology and sleek design, showcasing the future of data center solutions.
product market research companies
Paypal User Research Project
Guiding PayPal to understand user concerns and optimize policy changes via strategic research.
Industrial Product Design Agency
EMist EX-7000 Electrostatic Sprayer Development
An electrostatic disinfection system that delivers a comprehensive and efficient solution for all disinfection needs.
product design for company
Renovo Motors Design
The ultimate electric sports car experience
industrial design company
Upp Power Cell
A portable and sustainable power solution that enables reliable and off-grid energy access, perfect for outdoor enthusiasts and emergency situations.
best product design consultancy firms
Little Vine SF
Elevating the culinary landscape with Little Vine's visionary redesign that infuses old-world Italy's artisanal traditions with contemporary elegance.
Roku User Research Project By Speck
Roku - User Research Projects
A seamless and user-friendly streaming experience, providing access to endless entertainment options at the touch of a button.
Rodan + Fields Micro-exfoliating Roller Product Design Speck
Rodan & Fields Exfoliating Roller
An innovative tool that combines high-tech micro-exfoliation with an ergonomic design, elevating skincare routines for smoother, brighter skin.
Creative product design company
Google Tango
The ground-breaking computer vision tablet that revolutionized augmented reality and 3D mapping, providing unparalleled accuracy and precision.
Industrial Product Design Lab
Eatsa Automated Restaurant System
Revolutionizing the fast-food industry with a fully automated, tech-driven restaurant experience.
brand design company
Now Computing Children's Wearable
The ultimate solution for high-performance and portable computing, designed for demanding workloads and on-the-go productivity.
industrial design studios
Beam Telepresence Robot
The innovative and user-friendly solution for telepresence and remote collaboration, enabling seamless communication and productivity from anywhere in the world.
creative product design agency
Ford Vecto Trace
The ultimate solution for real-time tracking and monitoring, providing accurate data and insights for improved efficiency and productivity.
new product development companies
Topcon Positioning System
Topcon: A state-of-the-art integration of tech and design in ophthalmic devices.
DTRAX providence medical industrial design and engineering medical device design by speck
DTRAX Spinal Surgery Innovation
The DTRAX is a ground breaking surgical implant system that heals neck and arm pain
technology product design company
Ubtech Walker Robot
The advanced and versatile solution for home and healthcare assistance, combining cutting-edge technology and user-friendly design for a seamless experience.
Speck Design, a leading product design company, transforms diabetes testing with the innovative POGO Automatic® in partnership with Intuity Medical.
Speck Design partners with Intuity Medical to revolutionize diabetes testing, creating the user-friendly, portable POGO Automatic® Blood Glucose Monitoring System.